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amiga flavor!

Posted in etc, mods by neuroflip on septiembre 12, 2008

En los 90 eran típicas las críticas al sistema windows y sus PCs. En aminet.net encontrarás imágenes de la época ridiculizando al sistema operativo de microsoft y a las máquinas que lo corrían. El documento relacionado con las críticas a windows que más me ha llamado la atención ha sido, sin duda alguna, un mod de The Celsius. OldSchool HipHop & keep it Real!!!

«i’m addicted to computer, with Amiga flavor»

Celsius – Give In Diz Biz Descárgalo desde modp3 (post #100)

graffitty artist Neck of the CNSkillz crew from Germany

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  1. Crumb said, on septiembre 15, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Pese a que no me va mucho el Hip-hop, este MOD es la leche 🙂

  2. neuroflip said, on septiembre 15, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    La verdad es q es muy pegadiza!
    Segun michael de modp3 la letra dice así (http://modp3.mikendezign.com/index.php?modid=100):

    «Chorus x2
    someones got to give in this biz
    o yeah, regulate,
    to the lame ass stupid motherfuckn pc user
    watch me coming down with the amiga flavour,
    1992 was the year I choose to bring home the computer which I never refuse to turn off yo
    cause im addicted, addicted to computing with the flavour, the flavour of amiga
    check it out right here
    here we go in 96 coming down, amiga fucked up and still no 16bit sound
    im getting seriously aggravated of all these fuckheads making xm’s which tends to make the sounds of 8bit useless,
    that’s why i gotta do this
    this sound thing got me on my knees begging for survival against the 16 bit please,
    don’t give me none of that octamed bullshit
    i don’t care about that, that’s not the way i rock it
    As for windows 95, shit … get a life
    Chorus x4

    Chorus ———————-
    something got to give in this biz
    something got to give in this biz
    something got to give in this biz
    i dont give a fuck who you are who you is you is»

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