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One Man And His Mic #2

Posted in c64 by neuroflip on julio 2, 2006


Show #2 Track Listing

01. Intro Jingle (DHS / Soundwavers)
02. Madness (4-Mat / Anarchy)
03. Shadow Of The Beast [The Plains] (David Whittaker)
04. Style Blend (B.I.T / Eon)
05. Super Stardust [Title] (Rib)
06. State Of The Art [Extended Mix] (Travolta / Spaceballs)
07. Unreal [Intro] (Maniacs Of Noise)
08. Enigma [Firefox & Tip / Phenomena]
09. Battle Squadron [‘Immortal’ CD Remix] (Ron Klaren)
10. Desert Dreams [Checknobankh] (Laxity / Kefrens)
11. Xenon II – Megablast (Bomb The Bass / David Whittaker)
12. Guitar Slinger [‘Wanderer’ CD Mix] (Jogeir Liljedahl)
13. Agony [Intro + Title] (Tim Wright)
14. Space Deliria 2000 [‘Revive’ CD Mix] (Bj鴕n Lynne)



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